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Follow Jesus Training

The Path to Church Multiplication.

Follow Jesus Training
(4 books)

Follow Jesus Training provides a comprehensive roadmap for initiating and nurturing vibrant church communities. Focused on biblical teachings, practical strategies for discipleship, and church growth principles, it equips leaders with the knowledge to foster spiritual development and multiplication within their communities, emphasizing the importance of adapting to cultural contexts and empowering local leadership.

Making Radical Disciples

Making Radical Disciples focuses on a strategic approach for making radical disciples with an emphasis on hands-on training, multiplication of disciples, and Jesus’ strategy for growth. It advocates for practical application, spiritual transformation over mere information, and simplicity in lessons for reproducibility. The importance of worship, prayer, community, and fellowship in the discipleship process is highlighted. The book also underscores the centrality of Scripture for empowerment and the flexibility of the training system to adapt to various cultural contexts. This approach aims for heart change, practical life application, and fostering a multiplication movement among believers.

Training Radical Leaders

Training Radical Leaders

Training Radical Leaders equips readers with the tools and insights needed to develop leadership skills that are both effective and spiritually grounded. It takes inspiration from Jesus’ leadership methods, focusing on practical applications that can be replicated and taught to others. The text emphasizes the integration of worship and prayer into leadership training, the importance of scripture as a foundational element, and the value of building a supportive community among leaders. It’s designed for individuals aiming to empower and cultivate leadership within any ministry or community setting, aiming to follow Jesus’ example in all aspects of leadership.

Starting Radical Churches

Starting Radical Churches offers an in-depth exploration into church planting, combining biblical teachings with practical strategies. It guides readers through the process of establishing, nurturing, and expanding faith communities. By focusing on leadership empowerment, cultural adaptation, and community building, it equips readers with the tools needed to create vibrant churches. With insights on overcoming challenges and fostering multiplication movements, this series is an invaluable resource for anyone called to spread the Gospel through church planting.

Coaching Healthy Missions

Release – Fall 2024

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